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You have rights and your best defense starts with selecting the right attorney.

If you've had an incident involving the law, from a DUI violation to an alleged felony crime, you need a defense attorney who really understands the legal system and how to protect your rights.

When you’ve suffered wrongful personal injury, you need a lawyer knows how to help you receive appropriate compensation for your loss.

Our firm has successfully handled criminal cases from traffic tickets, DUIs, and misdemeanor drug offenses to major felonies and death row defenses.

And we have assisted clients in personal injury lawsuits from loss of property to loss of life.

Time is of the essence, whether you are facing a criminal charge or seeking compensation for injury and loss. You need an attorney who understands the system, has the necessary resources ready and can act quickly on your behalf.

We stand ready to support your rights and provide the representation to help win your case.

In Jacksonville and throughout Northeast Florida, trust Butch Berry for professional legal defense and the highest level of integrity. 

We treat every case with the utmost importance and each client with respect and dedication. Schedule an introductory visit or free consultation to review our experience and successful case history. You'll understand why the majority of our cases are referrals from previous satisfied clients.


♦  Federal/State Court
♦  Drug/Conspiracy Cases
♦  DUI/Traffic Violations
♦  White Collar Crime
♦  Violent Crime
♦  Sexual Offenses
♦  Juvenile Cases


♦  Auto Accidents
♦  Traffic Collisions
♦  Product Liability
♦  Medical Malpractice
♦  Wrongful Death

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