Criminal Defense & Serious Personal Injury

Butch Berry has been practicing law for over 30 years with extensive experience in the courtrooms of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

His knowledge of the legal system is extensive with experience on both sides of the aisle.  His skills were honed as a prosecutor for 6 years at the State Attorney's office where he handled numerous major felony cases.  In 1993, Butch established his private practice specializing in criminal defense and serious personal injury cases in affiliation with a a group of allied attorneys.

Today, the practice is limited to cases Butch selects personally after meeting with potential clients to evaluate their personal situation and determine how he can assist.

"This is serious business with people's futures at stake and our reputation is on the line with every case.  We start with a free initial consultation to make sure the clients are comfortable with our approach and that we can help."

The firm has a history of obtaining successful judgments and verdicts in a wide variety of cases with its proven unique winning strategy:

  • Establish trust and confidence with the client

  • Thoroughly research every aspect of the case

  • Use the best investigators and experts

  • Develop creatively aggressive defense strategies

  • Know when to negotiate

  • And never just "opt out" of the right to trial

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